day 3 of fall inspired crafts: iron on onesies

Okay so I know what you are thinking... stop with the onesie crafts... but seriously you all this craft could be done on anything! Think fall pillows for your entryway, t-shirts for your older kids, a design on fabric that you can then frame as artwork... the possibilities are endless! I have posted about this project here and here but this time I added a fall twist.

To start this project you first want to pick out whatever fabric you want to use for this project. I went with two fallish prints for this. You saw them yesterday in this post. You will also need:
wonder under iron on paper
an iron
a template of a design you want to use
onesies {or whatever else you want your design on}

First, print out your design on the computer in a size that is workable for what you are putting the artwork on. For example, since I am putting this on a small onesies I had to re-size my artwork. Here is what I went with...
 Next cut out all of your designs that you want to use....
Then cut out your fabric in squares that are a little larger then your design as well as a piece of wonder under that is a little smaller then your fabric square.
 Next iron your wonder under {rough side} to the wrong side of your fabric.
Now here is where I stray from the directions on the wonder under packet... I then peel off the paper backing so I am left with just my fabric...
Then I lay my cut out template over my fabric and cut out the design. I found it really hard to pull the paper off after I had cut out the design so that is why I changed it up a bit. After your design is cut out on the fabric simply arrange on your onesie and iron on!
That's it! You are done! You can of course finish it off with a stitch like I did in this post but with seasonal onesies I don't because I find that to be to much work for something they will only wear a few times :)
If you all end up doing any of these crafts send me pictures! I would love to see your interpretation on these fall ideas! Sorry all these pics have been so dark this week. We have been having a lot of rain here on the east coast!

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