weekend recap on a wednesday

My sweet grandparents came up from New Orleans on a train this past weekend to visit us. We were so excited to see them again! We spent a lot of time hanging out and letting them play with Will and it felt so good to take a break from home projects and spend time with family.
Right before my grandparents came I made sure to make some pumpkin bread so the house smelled like fall {and not dirty diapers}. It was the first cool weekend we have had on the east coast and with the combination of the cooler weather and the pumpkin bread I was in heaven!
I also got to break out Will's fall sweater. Not quite sure if he was not a fan of the sweater or me swinging him but either way he looks like he is bored! I was trying my best :)
My parents also joined us for the weekend and my mom, grandma and I snuck out on Saturday to do a little antiquing while the guys stayed home and babysat. I came across this picture from the book Skip Along and had to get it.  Will and Miley one day? :)
I plan on framing it for Will's big boy room one day - you know like in 2 years :) Never to early to start collecting {at least that is what I tell myself}! It is huge and I think it might have been in a mock up book to show editors or something since it is so large. Has anyone seen anything like this and know what it is. Here is the close up of the description.
My other antique find from the weekend was this old farmhouse desk that I plan on using in the kitchen as an island. Now I just need to find some great antique casters to raise it a little so it is more counter height versus desk height.
It was a great weekend that went by way to quickly. I love spending time with my family and love that Will is getting to know his great grandparents. He is one blessed little boy!

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