day 2 of fall inspired crafts: halloween wreath

A few years ago I saw this post on Eddie Ross's blog and loved the look of his wreath. I mean come on anything this guy does is incredible! I thought this would be a fun project to do one rainy day so printed out the post {pinterest was only a dream at the time :)} and filed it along with my other craft project ideas. Then when hurricane Irene came along I pulled out this goodie and got crafting. For this project I used the following:
foam wreath form
2 black boas
1 feather black boa
sewing pins
2 large buttons
orange fabric for the flowers
Halloween inspired ribbon

I first wrapped my wreath in the two plain black boas and then went over the gaps with my feather boa. After the wreath was wrapped per Eddie's directions I made my flowers out of the orange fabric. I just cut out different size petals and then gathered them together to form a flower but instead of gluing all the petals together I placed my button in the middle of the flower and stuck it to my wreath with the sewing pins through the holes in the middle of the button. Does that make sense? Basically, I wanted to be able to move the flowers around the wreath until I found the placement I wanted. I then took a piece of ribbon folded it over and pinned one end of it to the wreath. Here she is {yes my wreath is girl} in all her beauty!
Before hanging the window and wreath above the fireplace I put Will in front of it for a photo shoot. Apparently, he thinks the wreath is awesome because almost all of the pictures came out like this!
I eventually got a blurry one...

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  1. I am LOVING this wreath! I need to make one...soon!!


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