a new wreath and some football

The other day I thought I would attempt to make another book wreath. You see about a year ago I tried to make one using the rolling technique and gave up because well I was pregnant and tired and really did not have any creativity left in me {I know poor me}. So the other day while Dave was busy watching the Redskins play football {and win!} I was busy attempting to make what I thought would be a another small wreath for our entryway. I was happily hot gluing away thinking how perfect this would look hanging above my entryway bench greeting friends and family as they walk into my beautiful clean home {haha} but when I finished I could barely get my arms around the wreath. Turns out this baby needs his own wall above the fireplace. This wreath is a beast but I love it! {Please ignore the candlesticks with no candles... guess I need to make a trip to Homegoods.}
Speaking of football this is the only picture I have gotten so far this season of Dave and Will in their Redskins gear. We were at an engagement party for a friend, and got to meet another good friend's little girl they recently adopted {did you follow all of that}. We love her already! 
{by the ways doesn't it look like Will is giving a thumbs up. Yeah, it is really Dave's thumb that Will is holding but for a second there I thought my baby was a genius.}

Well I am off to clean my ridiculously dirty house. I dream of one day being able to hire a company to clean my house. Well really just the bathrooms because cleaning those just make me gag... but I guess this is all just part of the stay at home gig I have. Dave do you wanna trade for the day :)

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