pillow talk

I seriously have a problem. I buy way too much fabric. When I see a good deal or something I like I just grab it. When we moved into our townhouse last spring I knew I had a problem when I actually had to unpack multiple boxes of fabric (Dave I hope you aren't reading this). So now that the baby is here and getting into a good routine (thank you babywise) I decided to put some of this fabric and my extra time to good use and get crafty.

I am now making pillows!

It has been so much fun and thanks to my friend Holly and her mom, I have a great pattern to use for my pillows that makes them more like slipcovers. They can easily be changed with each season if you are crazy like me and do that! So now onto business...

Below are some of the pre-made 20x20 pillows that I have. I have multiple pillows in each pattern. The pillow in the middle (which is a dark chocolate brown on a white background even though on my monitor it is reading navy) and the teal pillows are indoor/outdoor fabric. They are $22 per pillow cover and the chevron ones on the end are $18 per pillow cover. Again I have multiple pillows in these patterns not just the amount that is shown.

I also have a few suzani pillows that are 18x18 and they are also $18 per pillow cover.

Below is some of the fabric in stock. Please contact me (megenminter@gmail.com) if you would like pillows out of these fabrics. Fabric is limited so first come first serve on what is in stock but I can always order more but you will just have to wait a little bit.

Lastly, I would also love to make any pillows out of fabric that you provide. Please contact me (megenminter@gmail.com) for pricing as it depends on size, pattern etc. I can also provide pillows forms if needed.

Thanks for looking/shopping! My buddy and I have been having fun making pillows for you! (I promise those wet hands have not touched any of the above fabric!)


  1. They look GREAT!! Proud of you xoxo... and Will is SO CUTE!!

  2. Megen,
    Awesome! Joe and I are moving to Reston next month and would love to purchase some of your pillows once we start decorating! I love reading your blog and all the wonderful ideas & pictures!

  3. Facebook is a silly thing. I kind of made fun of David for his shameless plug of your pillows. Then a fellow photographer posted something about needing sofa pillows and I sent her your page. Along with everything else, social networking is connecting entrepreneurs with potential customers. Best of luck!


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