A few things to remember about turning 4 months

You have gotten so BIG. I cannot wait to see how much you weigh at your 4 month appointment. Mommy loves your chubby legs and everyone is commenting now on your big cheeks!

You are really laughing at mommy and daddy when we do something silly. You don't just give away your smiles but like to save them for something really important or funny but you always smile at us when we come to get you after your naps.

You LOVE your fingers. No longer are you crying for your pacifier but can settle yourself down with a finger or a fist. You also love to chew on your toys now. You might be starting to get some teeth!

One of mommy and daddy's favorite things to do is listen to you talk to yourself. A night when we put you down you talk yourself to sleep and we love to listen through the monitor at your silly conversations. Sometimes you even laugh at yourself!

You are the best sleeper! At 2 months you started sleeping through the night but you were still getting up a little early for mommy. Now you wake up at 9am or later! Mommy loves that you are her little sleeper.

           {Will's new favorite chew toy and mommy's favorite animal.}

                   Happy 4 months buddy. I love being your mommy!

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  1. Love your blog Megen! Little Will is so so cute!


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