Nashville and Easter

Last week Dave, Will and I left early thursday morning to drive from Northern Virginia to Nashville, Tennessee to visit Dave's sister Kelly. Since she lives out of town and is on the road a lot (www.kellyminter.com) she had not gotten to see Will since he was born.  We thought it would be fun to get away for a long weekend and since Will is too young to easter egg hunt with his cousins we knew this would be the perfect time to miss a large family holiday.

Dave packed the car the night before and by 5 am we were on the road! I am so thankful to have such a great husband who drove the entire 10 plus hours to get us to Nashville safely. It was also a good thing he drove because I would have stopped at the 15 or so flea markets that I saw along the highway. I think next time I need to drive that route with a pick-up truck :)

Here are a few pictures of Will in the car. He did great! We stopped every three hours to feed him but other than that he was in his car seat the whole time and really did not cry once!

The above pic was taken when we had to do a quick diaper change in the car at a rest stop. I thought he might like to stretch a little but as you can see he seemed pretty happy just to relax!

We got to Nashville around 4 pm thanks to an hour time change. After we unpacked we headed straight to Burger-Up for some amazing, organic burgers. If you are ever in the Nashville area you should check it out.

The next day we relaxed at Kelly's friend Mary Katharine's house and got to hang out in her new screened in family room. I wish I had taken some good pictures of this room. It was amazing! It has a stone fireplace, a flat screen TV and great outdoor furniture. We stayed on that porch for most of the weekend. Will loved being outside and  I loved not having to worry about bugs.

Friday night we went to a Good Friday service at Kelly's church. Here is Will all dressed up for the service. I had not been to a Good Friday service in a few years and it was a good reminder to me of Christ's sacrifice. We often just celebrate the joy of Easter and forget what had to happen to let us have the joyous celebration of the resurrection of Christ.

The rest of the weekend we spent hanging out with Kelly's friends and eating great food. Saturday, Dave and I took Will to the adorable little town of Franklin located just south of Nashville. Last time we visited I had gotten a set of China at an antique store and this time I found some great Ironstone pieces to add to my collection. Again, I wish I had taken pictures but I was a little preoccupied with Will and not getting him sunburned. Apparently, kids under 6 months are not supposed to wear sunscreen but I am not sure how they do that in the south. It is way too hot for pants and long sleeves!

The rest of the pictures are from Easter Sunday. I am glad we got a shot of the family!

Below is Kelly and Mary Katharine. She cooked Easter lunch for us and it was so good! All of Kelly's friends were so sweet to us and know how to make a family feel welcomed!

April is one of the funniest people I know. She kept us laughing all weekend!

Will also discovered the hammock. Whenever he got fussy we would take him out there. I think we are going to have to find a place for one in our backyard. He is hooked.

I also did a little house hunting. Dave and I have always talked about moving to Nashville one day so I thought I would show him the houses I love in case he wants to surprise me. haha

A white house with two swings and an amazing front porch. I love it! The below bungalow even had a stroller outside. I think it is meant to be!

We left bright and early monday morning to return home and thankfully did not run into any bad weather. We did however, make sure our last rest stop was at our alma mater. GO DUKES! I had not seen the new tunnel to the arts building and took a quick picture of the quad as we drove by. We wanted to make sure Will saw where he was going to go to college one day :)

And last but not least I wanted to make sure you all knew we were feeding Will. I spy a double chin.

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  1. Your trip looks so fun! Confession: I follow Kelly on twitter and smiled every time she posted a picture of him while y'all were visiting!!


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