a fresh coat of paint... again

This is the third time in a year that I have painted this kitchen. Yes, I have a problem. I had to swear to my husband that I would not paint this room again but truth be told I had my fingers crossed just in case :)

I decided to stick with the grey I already had around my cabinets {revere pewter} because I really do love it and we had some paint left over from when I painted the office this exact color as well. Yes, I am a cheap skate and yes I use the same colors throughout my house. When I find something I love I tend to repeat it over and over but I do thinks this helps with the flow in your home so I guess it is a win win for me. I do really miss the dark grey/brown and hope that one day it will make a reappearance in another home but for now I am going with light and airy and thinking resale for down the road. Also, I think this helps to unify this long multifunctional room and just in case you wanted to hear another reason as to why I painted it... last week when I was touring a model home {not for me, for a friend} I noticed that they had used this exact color throughout and it looked beautiful. {I am making a mental note that in my next home this would make for a beautiful stairwell, hallway, entry wall color as well.} If you don't mind please lie and tell me it looks better because I am missing the old color just a little...

I know I need to add some color but I am taking a little road trip with my mom and Will this week and am hoping to stop at one of my favorite fabric stores and find some new colorful fabrics to make curtains and pillows for the room. I will keep you posted!

You can read more about this room transformations here and here.


  1. Looks beautiful! I already told my husband we may have to repaint our room this color, now I can show him this picture!:) I think it looks so fresh, and more importantly the contrast with the floors really makes both look great.

    What was the old darker color? (Sorry for my constant questions!)

  2. here is the link to the post about the breakfast area with all of the info. let me know if you have any other questions! Good luck painting. It really is such a beautiful color... but don't freak out when you start painting and it looks really taupe because it dries a lot more grey :)


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