hurry up and get here colder weather

because this just came in the mail for my baby to wear.
and this is what Will thought of the vest.... {this is where it gets a little weird and I pretend Will can talk so you might just want to stop reading here and just look at the pics}

check out my new vest ladies. 
 I think I look pretty good but the real question is does it taste as good as I look in it...
 Guess I will just have to try and taste it myself....this corner should do
 here we go.. I wonder why my mom isn't stopping me
 yep, tastes good to me!
I think this is where he is thinking mom stop taking all these pictures of me in this vest. Only Grammy, Nona and you really care :) oh yeah and maybe Auntie Jackie since she got this cool vest for me.
My tough little man. Thank you Auntie Jackie for the adorable clothes! I might own 5 or 6 vests myself and now my baby can match me. Oh happy day :)

by the way... I had been getting some emails that people were having trouble leaving a comment so I think I have fixed it :) 


  1. Cutest thing ever! And I happened to really like reading Will's commentary. Hilarious :)

  2. Well this just made my day! :) He seriously could model anything and make it look cute.. vests, raincoats, your floors..

  3. Since I have become a huge fan of your blog....and, of course, your incredibly adorable baby, I beg to differ with you (or Will) on the notion that only Nona and Grammy care. Certain wannabe grandmas LOVE looking at any and all pictures of Will!!


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