catching up

I know it has been awhile sine I last blogged so I thought I would catch you all up on what has been going on in our crazy house. The wood floors were installed last week and we are in love. They ended up being a little darker then what we had thought they would be but when the light hits them you can see their beautiful grain and I am so happy. Miley is not quite sure what to think of them and would rather sleep on her new bed which is fine by me :) I think we might invest in dog booties which I know sounds ridiculous but would it sound a little bit better if I said it was because she has been slipping on the floors and the purchase would not be due to my insane fear of scratches ;)
We finally got some rain last week here in the DC area and I got to put Will in his new raincoat. I think this whole ordeal traumatized him because he sat like this for 5 minutes before he moved a muscle and I have proof even though it might be blurry. Of course, it could also have been traumatic because of the noises that were coming out of my mouth at the sight of this adorable baby in a raincoat. I need to remember to put him in this whenever I need a good laugh! 
He finally warmed up {a little} when I held him. 
So the whole point of the raincoat wearing traumatic ordeal was to brave a storm and get a rug I have been eyeing for a year now at target. This was literally the night we got the floors installed but I was so excited to finally have an excuse to buy a rug and we had a gift card so Dave could not object.
The light was shinning like crazy but hopefully you get the idea. I love the cream medallions and the taupe color and the $116 dollar price tag {on sale right now} for a 5x7. love love love. Here is the packaging in case you wanna go out and get one which you should!
I of course saved the best pictures for last. Lumbar Liquidators if you would like to use any of the below photos for any future ads please contact me. Will would love to get his college fund started :) Someone thinks the new floors are hilarious.
This is his new thing. He like to fly like superman or at least that is what Dave and I say since Will cannot talk yet and object.
I cannot take this cuteness any longer so this is where the photo shoot ended and I had to snuggle him for 20 minutes :) Please stay little forever!
I will be back tomorrow with phase 2 of the kitchen progress but don't get to excited because at the rate we are going there might be like 20 phases before we finish!


  1. Love the floors and the rug! I'm getting a lot of good home decor inspiration from your posts. I can't wait to buy a house so that I can use some of it :)

  2. Great floors and rug BUT the pics of the little guy are just too much! Can't take all that cuteness!

  3. The rug is gorgeous! I'm searching for an area rug for our living room (we've got laminate floors & I took our old - janky - area rug out after we brought home Boston Terrier #2). We actually have remnant carpet from our installation last December so I'm hoping I can just bind a piece for the living room...the remnants are that big! If not, then I'm going to Tar-jay.

    I love, love, love your decorate style & ideas. I was inspired by your post about turning napkins into throw pillows, too!

    Oh, and sweet Rachel sent me (I'm totally not some crazy blog stalker chick). ;-)

  4. michelle - i am glad you stopped by from rachel's blog! good luck with your rug situation :) we just had our carpets redone and i saved a remnant as well for our living room. gotta love a free rug!

  5. I love the raincoat...Will is super cute in it!


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