a trip to nona and granddad's

Last week the 3 of us plus Miley drove down to Norfolk to spend some time with my family. We played in the pool, took Will to the beach for the first time and I helped my mom pick out fabric to re-slipcover her existing living room furniture {sorry dad}. It was a fun 4 days and not only did Dave and I get to sneak away to celebrate our anniversary but we also got to celebrate my mom's birthday and say goodbye to my brother who left this week for Hawaii. He is off surfing and having the time of his life while I am here changing poopy diaper after poopy diaper. Can you tell I am jealous ;) He will be gone for 6 months returning just in time for Christmas and Will's first birthday. We miss you Uncle Patrick. Now to the pictures....
Will discovered flowers are not always edible.
 Bath time in Nona's farmhouse sink.
 Miley thought Will's pool was her own large water bowl.
 I think someone loved the view from way up there on daddy's shoulders.
 Uncle Patrick and Will. Will was making his funny face for granddad.
My mom got a new iPad for her birthday. We were all so excited for her except for a little someone who was way more interested in the wrapping paper.
 Will and Nona looking at the ducks that came by to say happy birthday.
Will's first few seconds on the beach. He was not sure what to think.
 Will loves his daddy
 Apparently someone thought they were old enough to get a sip of daddy's drink but don't worry we caught him just in time.
 Resting on granddad's shoulder. Hanging out in the waves is a lot of work.
Lastly, view from my parents front porch as a storm/smoke from the dismal swamp came through. 

I love going back home to visit. My parents live in a beautiful house on the Lafayette river and it is always a relaxing vacation. Also it helps that they want to spend all of their time with Will. Not gonna lie sometimes this momma needs a break :)


  1. Love the pictures. Will is getting so big!

    Where'd you go for your anniversary dinner?

  2. we went to no frill for an early dinner after seeing harry potter. haha. miss you friend.

  3. Nice choice...on movie and dinner! Miss you too :)


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