kitchen redo - part 1

When we moved into our townhouse this is what the kitchen looked like.
Three of the four appliances were broken {it was a short sale so the seller was not responsible for any repairs} so the first change we had to make to this room was to replace all of them. We decided to go for stainless steel since we did not have to match to any existing appliances and Dave even let me upgrade to the dishwasher were you don't see any of the controls. It was a happy day! The kitchen also got painted as I mentioned in this post but other then that the room sat like this for awhile. Then back in the spring I decided to host a bridal shower for one of my good friends and that was just the push I needed to start one of the biggest projects in the kitchen... painting the cabinets. There are tons of great tutorials out there for painting cabinets and thanks to Young House Love's blog post on painting their cabinets I felt pretty confident in doing this myself {again, there are A LOT of great blog posts explaining how to do this I just went with the one above because it worked best for me :)}. After a lot of sanding, painting and the addition of new hardware this is the finished result. 
I loved how they turned out and it definitely brightens the room. New floors, counter tops, sink and faucet are still left to be upgraded but after this week I am hoping to cross floors off of the list :) It is amazing how much paint can change a room!


  1. What a difference!! It already looks fabulous. I'm anxious to see it after round 2!!

  2. It looks incredible! The white cabinets really brighten up the kitchen, I love it!


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