7 months

I cannot believe you are closer to being one then you are to being a newborn. You are growing up so fast! Here are a few things you learned last month so your momma doesn't forget :)

We started sitting you in your highchair for dinner and you love being able to see everything now from up high. Your favorite thing to do it sit here and watch Miley run all over the kitchen. Every time she wags her tail you laugh. You are working on waving but right now it looks more like flailing.
This have a new face that you make all the time. You tuck your bottom lip in and tilt your head and give me this funny face and then smile at me. I think you are going to be funny like your daddy and enjoy entertaining people.
Recently you have started wanting to feed yourself dinner and are obsessed with spoons. If only you could get the right end in your mouth...
and not gag yourself...
but you don't seem to mind and it keeps you occupied so momma can finish making dinner.
You can also really sit now on your own but then you get bored and notice your feet and watching them move is so much more fun then just sitting...then you have to eat them.
You are really into staring at things very intensely and like to study what you are looking at...
and most of the time you go crossed eyed. Maybe you will also need glassed like your daddy :)

You also love jumping in your jumperoo and when mommy holds you on her lap all you want to do it move. Your favorite foods to eat last month were avocados, peaches, sweet potatoes and oatmeal, but you will also eat bananas, squash and apples. You can also now drink "apple juice" out of a sippy cup and feed yourself your bottle. You said your first sound that was a real work {ma ma} and even though I know you are to young to really be calling me "ma ma" I pretend you are talking to me and it makes me smile.

Happy 7 months baby boy!

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  1. OH my sweet baby cheeks! Happy 7 months! He's adorable!


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