random friday

Recently my family has been enjoying delicious summer fruits. Don't you just love the summer! Yesterday I decided to be productive and go ahead and cut all of the strawberries I bought so that Dave and I could easily snack on these instead of crackers or chips, ya know the unhealthy stuff.
While my intentions were pure obviously I must have been hungry because this is what I was left with. Can we say portion control!
In other news Will has been holding his own bottle recently which has made my life a lot easier. He still lets me hold him and feed him but when I prop him up and let him do it on his own he does a great job. The below picture cracks me up because yesterday when I gave him his bottle he had been playing but quickly dropped his toy to eat. I started doing the dishes and when I turned around this is what I saw. I guess he had trouble deciding which one he would rather have in his mouth :)
Ever since we found out we were having a boy people have been telling me to get ready because boys can definitely keep you on your toes. While Will is still young and really a good baby I am starting to see where that might be true. Usually when Will is done with his bottle he just leaves it next to him but yesterday when he was done eating he threw his bottle on the ground! This is the second time this week that he has done that so while this might be a coincidence I am beginning to think I might have a troublemaker on my hands.
Doesn't he even look like he knows he has been a little naughty!

I love listening to music while cooking and washing bottle after bottle and recently this has been my station on pandora and I am loving it! I am trying to get Will to love country music at a young age :)
While I am not busy taking care of the little monkey I have been sanding sanding sanding. I am excited to say that the banisters are done so hopefully by the end of next week they will have been painted. Miley really wanted to join for the picture.
And lastly when I am not covered in sawdust I have been locked away on my workroom trying to finish up pillow orders. If your name is Emily and you live in Cali these are yours! I am off to the post office today to mail them to you!

Only 18 more days until vacation. Bring it!

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  1. I'm loving The Band Perry too :)I randomly stumbled across them last year when they came out with "If I Die Young", and I've liked every other song they've released since then!


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