diy cheap and easy artwork

I am all about artwork in a home but REAL artwork ya know like from a real artist can be expensive. So when we moved into our townhouse and I saw a huge wall in our kitchen that I needed to fill I figured I would just go to homegoods and try and find something. Well, once I started looking I realized that even going this route was going to be way to expensive for my budget. I had remembered seeing an article in a magazine {sorry, forgot the source!} where they took images from an old book and framed them in inexpensive frames for artwork.

I found this book at Barnes n Noble on sale for $20.00 and went to Ikea and purchased these frames in white and went to work. I wanted a more streamline look which is why I went with the same frames but how cool would it be to find ornate frames at thrift stores and hang them together on a wall.

Here is the finished product. {yikes - please ignore that some are slanted. Obviously I did not have time to stage this}
The total cost of this project was $100.00 and I love that I can switch out the "art" whenever I want a different look. I am already feeling a change {they have been up for about a year now} and I recently asked Dave if I could put black and white photos of Will in the existing frames and he told me that I was obsessed and needed to get out more :) I know, I am so in love but seriously can you blame me with this face?! I took this pic last night before our little date - I think he looks so grown-up! Not sure what is going on with his mouth. His new favorite thing is to mess with his lips so this was the best "smile" I could get.
I will keep you posted as the art work changes!


  1. Great idea getting a book of art or prints at a book store...you're so clever :)

    And Will...he's cute as always!

  2. This is such a great idea! I'm struggling with the same problem of trying to find "affordable" art to fill our walls so thanks for sharing this much more affordable option!


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