our 4th of july weekend

Dave, Will and I spent this past weekend up in Butler, PA for a family reunion. My grandparents from New Orleans were also going to make the trip and this was going to be their first time meeting Will. The car ride up was long. Don't be fooled by the below picture. This captures the only 5 minutes when Will was happy. He was so mad that he could not roll over in his car seat. Sorry bud!
Once we got to the hotel and were able to take him out of his car seat and strip him down to let him roll around he was great. Crazy little guy :)
Dave and I realized we don't have to many pics of us with Will so here is our attempt to prove that we were really there :) Will was having tummy time so we joined him.
The jean diapers were on sale the other day so I got a package for Will to wear. Huggies if you ever need a baby model I don't think Will would mind!
The next day {Sunday} we went over to see my grandparents so Will could spend some time with them before the big reunion party.
 Will loved meeting his great grandma and she loved him so much!
 Here is Will with his great granddad. Will loved playing with his beard.
The last time I visited Butler we spent most of our time at the family farm which was owned {at the time} by my grandma's brother {did you get all of that :) }. He has since passed away and now the home belongs to one of his nieces. She is restoring the farmhouse as well as adding on to better suit her family and I love that she is keeping the original logs. This used to be the covered front porch.
 The below picture is of the pond on the property were we would swim.

The farm and all of the above property is located at the end of the road where the house my grandmother grew up was built. She lived here with her five brothers and sisters.
Will was a trooper during our visit and learned to adapt his nap times from the pack n play to granddad's shoulder. Love this sweet boy and his big brown eyes.
We had a great 4th of July with family and even though Will was not a great traveler I am still glad we made the trip.

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  1. The photos of your grandparents holding Will are too cute! The expressions on everyone's faces are priceless.


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