for the love of mason jars

If you have been reading this blog long enough you might have noticed a trend in a few of my blog posts. I have a little obsession with mason jars. I have been using them around my house for the past few years as flower vases, craft supply holders and yes even to drink from so I am so excited to of found a new way to use them... canning! haha. Yes, I know this is their original purpose but I have never been brave enough to do this. I have recently been making baby food for Will and have loved doing this so I was thinking a good way to preserve all of these wonderful summer fruits and veggies for Will to eat this winter would be to can them. These are the cute little jars I got to store baby food in. I found them at Walmart and I LOVE them! On a side note - wouldn't votives looks so cute in them as a tablescape idea.
Last weekend when my family and I were on our way back from Butler we stopped at an antique store and my mom and I stumbled upon the largest selection of mason jars we have ever seen. They had just gotten a lot of HUGE white antique jars and my mom and I went crazy. After much deliberation I settled on these three jars.
I am not sure their age but am assuming they are older since I have never seen these designs. Anyone know their history? I will not be using these for canning :) but cannot wait to put some of my daises from my garden in them! Do you notice something else about them. They even have lids!
Here is a close up of all of their designs.
In other news my baby is growing up to quickly and no longer needs his bassinet. I got this adorable bassinet in Deep Creek, MD last summer when I was on vacation with my husband's family. We knew we were pregnant and I had been looking at flea markets/antique stores for something similar and was so excited when I saw this on sale for $30.00. I will be sad to pack it away!
I am off to work on my living room curtains. I started making them a few weeks ago and the curtain color is just to close to the wall color so I am thinking of putting them in my kitchen. I have always heard designers say decorating their own home was harder then decorating their clients home and I can now officially say I completely agree with that statement :)

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  1. I love mason jars too but havn't built a collection yet. I'm trying to keep my eyes open for them when I'm in antique stores :)


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