kitchen redo- part 2

So I know the below photos are not that different from this post but I still wanted to show you all the new floors! Also, can you guess what else is missing from these photos?
If you guessed the kitchen island you are right! We did a little reconfiguring before the new floors went down and I cannot wait for the finished project. Of course before the final reveal can happen there are a million little/big things to do but at least the big ticket items {floors and appliances} are done... now I just need to convince Dave to let me get the new counter tops :)

I am also going to repaint the walls now that we have the dark floors. The kitchen prep area is grey but the hang out area is a darker grey/brown and I really want to paint all the walls a light grey/cream to tie into the other rooms in our house but I am having trouble finding the right color. Anyone have any suggestions of colors they have used that they like? Also, I just want to keep it real here in case you see the above pictures and want to congratulate me on a clean house... this is what my office currently looks like.
Does anyone want to come clean this for me :) I can pay you in kisses and hugs from a sweet baby boy.


  1. First off, I love your home and your blog! I have a 7 month old son too and your pics make me smile.

    I don't have any suggestions for color, because I would love to know which ones you use here! We tried a gray in our bedroom and it turned out too lavender (boo) and now I am wondering what to do in there. I have heard good things about Revere Pewter, which is like a taupey gray?

  2. that is the same color that we used in the kitchen - revere pewter. love it but it reads a little more grey in our house then taupe but it really is a beautiful color!


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