someone has curly hair like his momma

The other day I discovered Will has curly hair and I have to admit I am little excited! Someone had asked me recently if his hair was curly or not and I did not really know the answer since I always brush it after bath time. The other day I decided to let it air dry and not brush it to see what would happen and here is the proof of the curls!

I asked my mom to bring a picture of me at the age because I had the exact same curly mohawk at three months. I will try and remember to post some pictures next week when she visits. I am still hoping Will's hair will lighten as he gets older just like his daddy's did but I guess we will have to wait and find out. Below are a few more pictures of his crazy hair. At least his momma has curly hair and can help him pick out the right hair products and shampoo when he is older!

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