I have really been into pleats recently {except on pants... I do know that much about fashion}. I think it might have something to do with the fact that baby gap had tons of cute little girl clothes with pleats/ruffles on them and since the Lord blessed me with a baby boy who can't really rock the pleated look {although this mom might try} I decided to add this fashion element to my home instead.

I was so inspired by the burlap runners I have seen everywhere so I made one for myself. I had the burlap and the white fabric so this was a free project.
I also wanted to add some green to my kitchen and thought a mini-pleated wreath would be the perfect touch. Again, had the fabric and wreath form so another free project. {Dave aren't you proud :)}
And I know I have showed this wreath before {and yes I might have a wreath addiction... add it to the list} but I think the way I was instructed to fold the pages makes this wreath look like it has pleats.
Okay, off to see where else I can add some pleats... curtains maybe... or even pillow trim. So many choices! On second thought, maybe we should all just stop and pray that the Lord blesses me with a baby girl one day. That sounds like a better plan :)

Oh and is anyone else as crazy as me and when your plate is already so so full you decide that now would be a good time to drop everything and repaint your foyer/stairway. Let me just say... not a good idea {hence a blog post at 10pm}! Maybe we should pray for my marriage as well :)

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