i interrupt your saturday...

with something I forgot to say yesterday :)

The lighted garland from yesterday's post is a little long for a mantel {as you might be able to see from my pictures} unless you can find a strand that has less then 50 lights on it. But I know that there are some teachers reading this blog {hi Rachel!} and I meant to say yesterday that I thought this would be a perfect craft for you hard working teachers. You know just another thing to do on your weekend. How cute would this be in a classroom strung along the windows or around the blackboard {do they still have those in classrooms?}. That's all I wanted to say :) It was just really bugging me that I forgot yesterday :)

Since I dragged you all here just for that I will leave you with a pretty fall picture so you don't feel jipped. Wouldn't this be a perfect place for a fall party. I will meet you right there on the haystack :)

1 comment:

  1. I hadn't thought about doing this in the classroom, but now I love the idea! I might just have to do it now :)


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