day 4 of fall inspired crafts: halloween hanging lights

This is the last day of fall inspired crafts. I hope you all have gotten a few cheap and easy ideas for decorating your house or gifts to give friends.

This last craft is courtesy of Good Housekeeping {I think} a few years ago. Again, this is a craft that I put aside for a rainy day and thanks to my mom's help was able to finish pretty quickly. It is a little time consuming, so this might be a good one to do once the little ones are asleep.

For this project you will need:
-plastic mouthwash size cups
-hanging lights {orange or white}
-Halloween inspired scrapbook paper
-glue or tape

To start, cover each mouthwash cup {I used 30 total} with the scrapbook paper of your choice. I think I did about 5 cups in each paper and I selected 6 different papers. I glued my paper to the cups at the seams as well as in one other place to the cup itself but you could use tape if you prefer.
Once the paper has dried cut an x in the bottom of each cup. This is where you will insert your light. Once each light has a cup simply turn on your lights and stand back and look amazed at your Halloween inspired lighted garland.
I think it looks fun and festive even without the lights on.

A few things I have learned from this project:
-Use LED lights so the cups do not get hot
-While I liked the look of the candy corn lights, I think plain Christmas lights with a white cord would have looked better and if I went that route I would have covered every light.
-Less paper choices also might make more of an impact. I think next time I will just use 3 instead of 6. I got a little carried away :) This was my favorite paper and I wish I had used it more. I love polka dots :)
I know it is a little to soon to be putting out Halloween decor but I found this sparkly sign that I had gotten last year after Halloween at target for a steal and cannot wait to put it out. I love anything with glitter.
Also, my wreath found a new home in my kitchen and the other day when I was doing dishes I realized how festive my sink looked with all the fall colors :)
Here is a close up of the button on the flower so you can see how I stuck the pins through just in case there was any confusion in Wednesday's post.
Happy Friday!


  1. Love, Love, LOVE this! I don't normally decorate for Halloween, but I think I might have to this year!

  2. Stop being so darn cute with all these crafts!!


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