crazy hair

Just in case you felt like you had not seen enough pictures of Will this week I thought I would leave you with a few more for the weekend :) If you are not a fan of my baby you might just want to skip this one.

Will was born with a lot of hair.
A lot of dark hair thanks to his daddy and this has been of my favorite things about him. It seemed like for awhile it never grew just sorta stayed the same length from when he was born but recently it has been growing like crazy. So much so that he might need a hair cut soon {in the front at least}. With this hair growth spurt Will now has a new look when he wakes up. I creatively named it crazy hair :)
The poor guy wakes up all the time with hair in his eyes. Sorry bud. I cannot cut it yet!

Wanna know what is on our to do list this weekend...
lower the crib.

Have a great weekend!

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