day 1 of fall inspired crafts: stamped onesies

I love making stamped onesies for friends when they have babies. It is one of the easiest gifts and you can personalize them using the baby's name or do something fun like using a stamp that has to do with what season it is. I made Will a bunch of these before he was born and he wore them all the time under clothes in the winter. I suggest buying short sleeve onesies in bulk. You can put one on your kid as is and they look adorable or layer on top of a long sleeve shirt in the winter for warmth and they look just as cute. Can you tell I am a fan of white onesies. I will say though that I am not a fan of Gerber onesies because they are way to small and thin. I have found that target's Precious Firsts works best for Will as they are pretty true to whatever size he is wearing in clothes.
I made these the other day with my "fall" stamps for Will to wear these next few months. I have been using these directions from one of my favorite blogs and my only added suggestion is to make sure you clean each stamp really well after you use them or else next time you go to stamp any residual paint will transfer to your new design. I know that sounds obvious but I learned the hard way :) I also took Darby's advice and instead of ironing freezer paper to the inside I just stick a piece of scrap paper right under my design to prevent any paint from bleeding through and remove when the paint has dried.
I think these would be a cute gift to give a new mom. You could just attach a little note saying "enjoy your first fall with your new little one!"
and wouldn't the below onesie be cute to give a baby who has an older brother or sister going to school. For some reason apples make me think of September which makes me think of going back to school. Maybe just make sure to iron it before you give them as a gift :)
I know this might seem like a craft that only moms would like but I made these long before I had Will and would give them as gifts to friends who had babies or to my niece and nephew when they were born and my sister in law loved them {so much so that she asked me to teach her and now she gives them as gifts - now to me that is a sign of a good gift!}. So next time you are in the craft store browse the dollar bins and pick yourself out some stamps and get busy crafting. Believe me it is addicting and your friends with kids or even your own baby will love you for it :)

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