memorial day recap and sewing

Good morning! I have a few minutes to blog before the little guy gets up so let's start with a quick recap from last week. We had a great Memorial Day weekend which started with a trip to JMU to visit friends. Dave and I both went here so we took a quick drive through the campus to see how much it has changed in the past 5 years. The new stadium looks beautiful!
We also drove by the first house I lived in off campus my junior year. My room was on the top floor all the way to the right. I get to see some of the girls I lived with here this weekend and I cannot wait! In the past five years there have been marriages and babies and the next little guy to add to the group is coming in July!
There is an interesting tradition in the White House where Dave lived in college. The guys take their picture with this silly wig on and then the pictures are hung in the stairway as a way to remember who has lived here over the years.
 My silly husband. He is the funniest man I know and definitely keeps life interesting :)
Brandon was one of our generous hosts for the weekend! He and his wife have been such great friends to Dave and I. They are currently in the process of adopting and I cannot wait to meet their little one. Lastly we ended the weekend with a dinner using fresh basil from our herb garden.
I have to show off the bowl that the pasta is in. It is one of my favorite wedding gifts given to us from Crate and Barrel. I am a sucker for bowls with handles.
Switching gears it has been a hot week here on the east coast. I have tried to stay cool indoors with Will by keeping busy in my workroom!
The above designs are just on onesie so I am just going to leave them as is. The simpler the better! The below outfits however I made last week using wonder under, tear away (both found at any craft store) and my sewing machine so I could finish the appliques with a zig zag stitch. I hope Will likes them!
Well that's all I got for now. It's time to go and kiss these cheeks :)

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