my week and a mobile

Will and I left last Sunday for a mini-vacation in Norfolk with the grandparents but first we made a quick stop in Richmond to celebrate baby Zinn's upcoming arrival. It was a fun day seeing college friends and Morgan's family who I have gotten to know over the years. I cannot wait to meet this sweet baby boy! Here are a few pics from the party.
I loved these candles that I found at the dollar store for the shower and they fit perfectly in a pre-made favor box also found at the dollar store. Gotta love a good deal :)

On Monday when I got to Norfolk my dad set up the baby pool in their backyard and Will enjoyed some outdoor time. Since he is only 5 months old his time outside is limited but when I do let him go out he loves it! He also thoroughly enjoyed laying out naked by the pool and I thoroughly enjoyed that this took place outside and that there was a pool nearby to rinse off in after he decided to tee tee all over himself :)
Will loved his new sunglasses from Nona. We all thought they really looked more like goggles then sunglasses but Will didn't seem to mind. 
The rest of the week was spent low key indoors since we have been having some record highs on the east coast and I let my camera have a break. We did have a meet and greet so all my parent's neighbors could meet Will but I was a little busy tending to a sleepy baby and forgot to take pics but I will say any party hosting skills I have I definitely got from my mom. She did a great job putting together an impromptu party for Will and everyone had a great time! Again no pics so you will have to trust me on this :)

Lastly, I am working on a post of Will's nursery for next week but I wanted to share a little about his mobile beforehand since it is so special to me. I had always love this mobile but due to the non-existent small budget that we had for the room I quickly crossed it off my list. I had registered for this one and loved it but it ended up not working on the crib we had already ordered so we had to return it. After that I even contemplated making one that would look similar to the one I loved by crocheting animals and then hanging then from an embroidery hoop but that would mean I would of had to learn to crochet and at this point the due date was quickly approaching. One day while shopping with my mom she noticed the blabla mobile in a local boutique and commented on how beautiful and unique it was. I then told her how much I loved it and had originally wanted it for the nursery but we both agreed the price was a little steep. Over Christmas while my parents were doing a little shopping they must have gone into this store and my mom must have mentioned to my dad how much I loved it because on Christmas morning I unwrapped THE mobile from my dad to Will. I nearly fell off the couch and I think my mom was even a little surprised. My dad had done this all on his own and I think that is what makes this so special. I had loved the mobile but I love even more that he wanted me to have it. Also the week I was born, almost 27 years to the date when I opened this gift, my dad had gone to the market in downtown Charleston, SC and bought me a mobile to hang above my changing table from one of the local vendors. When my mom told me this story it seemed even more fitting that my dad (grandpa) had gotten this for Will. We had it above Will's changing table but now it hangs above his crib since this is where he spends most of his time and to be honest this is he is where I change most of his diapers :) Thank you dad for this special gift. Will loves his animals!

*You may have noticed a few changes to the blog. Please bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I am sure things will continue to change as I work out all the kinks. Thank you for your patience!

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  1. Those pool photos are too cute!! I love little Will!

    SO fun seeing you this past week :)

    Also, the new blog design looks fabulous!


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