a quick hello and new bathroom wall art

I hope you all had a wonderful relaxing weekend! We spent most of Saturday doing small home improvement tasks and then on Sunday Dave went and played a round of golf with his friends so I was solo for most of the day. I am starting this week already a little on empty and we are having friends over tonight so this will be a quick post as my house needs a lot of cleaning before our company arrives! I really should not be blogging but this is much more fun then housework :)

One of the projects I tackled this weekend was wall art for our guest bathroom. I had done a sign earlier in the week using illustrator and while I loved the colors and the fact that this sign was free I was not to happy with the scale of the artwork. In order to make it larger I would of had to of taken it to a printer which would mean spending money so I decided to start over. I remembered that I had an extra canvas left over from another project that would be a good size for the room so I went online for some inspiration. When I stumbled upon the creative crate blog and saw this sign I immediately wanted to do something similar for my bathroom.

To start this project I first had to decide on what fonts I wanted to use for the words (I went with American Typewriter and Brittannic Bold). After I printed the words I then cut out all of the letters and arranged them on my canvas using double sided tape.
Once I had that in place I started painting. After an hour or so the paint had dried and I peeled off the letters reveling the final product! 
I originally painted the canvas a bright aqua color but decided it was way too much for this small bathroom so I repainted the sign a soft grey.
I also ended up distressing the canvas in some places so the original aqua color could come through in a smaller dose.
It took less then an hour to make this free artwork and I love it!

Well I am off to clean while my little whiner cutie naps :) Hope you all have a great Monday!

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  1. Megen, I love this! I can't wait until I have a house so I can come to you for decorating advice :-)


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