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First I have to say thank you to Rachel from In No Simple Language for the feature on her beautiful blog. I had no idea she was going to do this yesterday and it made my day week! Also, thank you so much you all for the sweet comments/emails on Will's room. A lot of you are new friends so welcome! You all know how to make a girl's day with your sweet words. This room is so special to me since it is where my little guy sleeps and I love that you all like it too!

I got a few comments and emails about items in the room so I am going to try and answer them here. If something is not clear or I did not answer your question please let me know!

Chevron Paper Matting
The paper actually came from Michaels purchased last fall. It was from one of their paper booklets or at least I think that is what it is called :) Here is a picture of the front of the packet and a sample of some of  my favorite pages!
I LOVE this booklet and have used many of the paper designs throughout my home.  Not only does it have blue and greens but pinks, oranges and reds as well so if you have a girl there are patterns for you as well! Make sure to bring one of their 40% off coupons with you!

Display Frame
I have a tutorial here but if you have more questions let me know. The shutter hooks came from homegoods years ago and I really wish I had gotten more. I am hanging bibs and burp cloths from them now for easy access when we feed Will in my favorite chair since he likes to "share" as my dad calls it {aka - spit up all over the place}.

Furniture Details
Bookcase: Target, Book Shelf: Pottery Barn Kids, Aqua Baskets: Homegoods

Covered Letter Tutorial
I made these or well I should say I covered the above letters myself. I purchased the letters at Joanne's for $2.99 each and then covered 2 of the letters with paper from the Michaels packet I mentioned above. The paper below on the left is from Joanne's and I picked it up when I got the letters. Make sure to get 2 sheets of each paper you want to use if covering all sides of your letter.
The next step is to decide what paper should go with which letter. You could skip this step if you don't care or want a more eclectic look. I tend to be more obsessive and wanted to pick out the order :)
Once I knew which paper went with which letter I flipped the paper over and traced each side of the letter. Make sure to number each side of the actual cardboard letter and then number the traced side on the paper so when it is all cut out you won't be confused as to which sides goes where.
Lastly, cut out all the shapes and then glue them to your letters. I ended up just using the mod podge as glue and did not cover the whole letter with it when I was done. I did not think that step was necessary since the letters are more for decoration then functional.
After the glue dries stand back and admire your work! I did learn that the thinner the paper the easier it was to glue and adhere to the letters. One of the papers I selected was cardstock I had to re-glue it a few times before it really stuck.
Good luck and I'd love it if you would send me pictures if you make these at home!

My mother in law texted me Monday to say that she had read my nursery post all the way to the end but that there were no pics of Will so I'd thought I would include some today for all you Will fans {hi Grammy and Nona :)} Someone has been practicing sitting up! What a big boy!
Welcome again to all my new readers and friends! I am so glad you have stopped by!

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  1. Will's nursery is too cute :) I really loved some of your ideas - including the paper-covered letters! I had never thought of making them more personalized with different patterns. And thanks for the info on where you found the bookcase; it's so great to incorporate a lot of books in a nursery :)


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