diy: nursery display frame

While taking pictures of Will's room to show you all I got a little distracted and starting redecorating. Nothing major just changed a few things around that better suited how we live in that room. While the spackle and paint are drying from all of the nail holes I had to cover :) I thought I would show you all a tutorial in pictures of a display frame I made for Will's room.

I wanted to create a place where I could hang letters, pictures and other special items friends have given us since Will was born. I got this large frame from Joanne's the other day on sale plus I had a coupon. I had the twine, spraypaint and clothespins leftover from another project I did in Will's room so I only spent $10.00 total on this display. I am sure you could get a frame cheaper from a thrift store but after a few tries I took the easy route and went retail since I have a 5 month old whose idea of a fun day is napping not shopping :)
I need to play around with the clothespin arrangement and probably invest in the mini ones but I was just too excited to wait to show you all. I am finishing up the loose ends in Will's room this weekend so if I can keep myself from redecorating I will have his room post up hopefully by Monday! 

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I love this!! What a fun idea. Definitely holding onto this and thinking of where I can put one in the new house!


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