peonies, best buds and rolling over

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers so last night when a friend offered me some I did not have to think twice about my answer :) This morning while Will was on his play mat I took some time to take pictures of my beautiful new flowers.
While I was in the kitchen with the flowers Will decided that he was going to be sneaky and roll off of his play mat. Of course me being the great mom that I am did not pick him up or move him but ran for the camera so everyone could see what I had just walked into.
Recently, Will he has been rolling over a lot which has not been fun for me at night when he cries out for us to come and flip him back over (can we say lazy boy!). Obviously there will be no more middle of the night flips since he just proved to me that he can roll fine by himself. What a sneaky little man.
After the whole rolling over episode I decided the bumbo might be better suited for this moving boy.
I was calling my mom to tell her Will's big news of moving across the dining room when I saw the below take place. Thankfully my mom didn't answer so I quickly hung up to take some more shots of this in action.

This was the first time I had seen Will pet Miley and by pet I mean grab her fur. I have been a little worried about how Miley would react to Will doing something like this and all the crazy girl did was give him a kiss on the check. Thank you Miley for loving your baby brother! I think these two are going to be best buds :)


  1. Love those pics of Miley and Will!! They're best buds now :)

  2. Ahh! Love it! And the hair cracks me up!!


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