a busy weekend and mother's day

We had a busy past weekend filled with lots of fun memories! Friday afternoon started with a trip to Aunt Katie's and Uncle Brad's for a picture session with the cousins. Let's just say it was a good idea but not great timing on my part. Will had been great all afternoon but when it came time to sit on a blanket with his cousins he was not happy. This is the best one we got of all 3 of them.
Sorry grammy this was supposed to be your mother's day gift. Maybe next time :)

When we got home I took a few of Will in his outfit because I know in a few weeks this will not fit. I love my little duck!

Don't worry he was not asleep in the chair just blinking but I think he looks hilarious.

After the attempted photo session we came home and had another couple over for dinner. I did not get any pictures because we were to busy stuffing our faces with Chipotle (really I was to busy doing this, everyone else could contain themselves). It was so great to hang out with some friends and connect with adults. It reminded Dave and I of how important fellowship is.

Saturday morning started bright and early making mini cinnamon rolls for Maryn's birthday party. Will and I were both invited to the princess tea party so I wanted to make something special for Will to wear.

When we got there Katie (Dave's sister) was dressed up like Belle. I got a few photos of the birthday girl's mom and Will.
Apparently, Will now has a new smile. In all of his pictures from here on out his bottom lip is tucked in. I think he was just sucking on it (maybe teething) but it is hilarious. He looks like an old man without teeth! Here is one with Will and Auntie. He loves her so much!
Grammy was dressed up as well for the tea. She was called the fairy godmother. She is so good to her grandchildren and they love her so much!
Katie knows how to put on a good party and I always look forward to events at her house. This one did not disappoint! The next day I heard that Maryn had asked Katie if they could do it all over again that day! So cute!

After the party I met up with a good friend from college who was in town visiting family. She had not gotten to meet Will yet so of course we had an impromptu photo session in the parking lot.

take 1 - before Will ate
  take 2 - much happier with food in his belly :)

She is one of those friends who it does not matter how much time goes by you can pick up right where you left off. I love her dearly and am so blessed to call her one of my best friends!

After the mini JMU reunion I met up with Dave for an early mother's day dinner with just our little family of three. Will was so excited to see daddy since we had been gone all day!
When we got home I went straight to my workshop to crank out some pillows. I will try and post some pictures soon. I have a lot of new fabrics and it has been fun making them for friends and family! Here's a sneak peak at one of the new fabrics! I cannot wait to tell you it's original purpose :)
Sunday when I woke up Will and Dave came in and brought me my mother's day gifts. It was so sweet. I love being Will's mommy and Dave really knows how to spoil me. As excited as I was to celebrate my first mother's day my heart was also heavy for friends who want to be mommy's and are not yet. Please know you were in my thoughts and prayers that day. After church we were able to spend a few hours at home together and then it was back to Aunt Katie's and Uncle Brad's for a mother's day dinner and belated birthday celebration for pop-pop. Whew! It was quite the weekend but it was so much fun to get to spend some time with family and friends. Next weekend my parents are coming to visit so I bet we will get to have another special mother's day celebration with them! I am trying to drag this special day out as long as possible :)

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