another use for napkins

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So keeping with the theme of Tuesday's post I wanted to share with you a project I did back in March. I had gotten some cloth napkins from Pottery Barn about 4 years ago but had never been able to use them. I loved the different blue patterns on each napkin but they sat in our buffet for years unused because they did not go with the colors of our dining room or dinnerware. Then a few months ago I needed some pillows for my basement and I remembered how cute these napkins were so made them into pillows. Unfortunately, they ended up not really going with our blue/grey walls or sofa so I put them up for sale. They ended up with my mother in law and I finally got over there yesterday to take some pictures! (sorry for the bad lighting but I took these late at night)

The fronts are each different napkin (there were 6 napkins total) and the backs are made from a white cotton fabric.

Here is the breakdown of the project - The napkins had been on sale when I had gotten them a few years ago for around $20.00 and the white fabric only cost me a few dollars per yard. So for under $30.00 I was able to make 6 pillows. Not to bad when you consider one pillow at pottery barn would have cost me what I paid to make all 6!

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