a garden redo and more

You know it has been a productive weekend when this is what your to do lists looks like Sunday evening.

My parents came bearing flowers and plants this weekend so I thought this would be a good excuse to convince everyone to get out there and clean the backyard. I did not get a before shot but just imagine a garden filled with weeds and dead plants that come up to my knees! Here's the after shot.
We still need to:
-add more rose bushes
-plant veggies in the back half of the garden (where the tomato stand is)
-straighten bricks around the perimeter (they were left from the previous owner)
-mulch the garden
-edge the garden and our lawn (weed whacker will be Dave's Father's day gift)

My mom also planted zinnia seeds in the middle of the garden so I will hopefully have flowers to cut this summer!  It might not look like much right now but it will be full and beautiful in a few weeks/months. Also the hose will eventually lay flat (hence the bricks) and once all of my seeds start to come up we will mulch which will hopefully hide some the soaker hose as well. Also the stones mark where the seeds end so I know where to plant more bushes. This is not our attempt at garden art :) I cannot wait to have a beautiful garden this year!

Besides making my parents slave away in the garden I did let them have a little Will time as well :)

My mom will probably kill me for posting the above pic but we had all just woken up and Will would not take his cheek away from my mom's. It was so cute! (Please ignore Will's slicked hair. Someone obviously needs a bath!)

Will also wanted to show off his dance moves to my dad.

Dave grilled some steaks for everyone Saturday night. A well deserved meal after all their had work.
While the adults feasted on steaks Will got his first taste of oatmeal cereal. The doc said to give him oatmeal instead of rice cereal due to his digestive track if you get what I am saying ;)

My baby is growing up. Now will you please excuse me while I go cry and water my new garden :)

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