Patrick's Graduation

We have had a crazy past week. I have been busy locked up in my workshop cranking out things for Will that I cannot wait to share with you all but first I want to recap my weekend.  My family met on Saturday to celebrate Patrick's graduation from UVA. We decided to stay at Wintergreen which is right outside of Charlottesville so we would not have to deal with the crowds. We used to stay here at least twice a year growing up so it was fun to go back with Will. He however did not seem to excited for his first trip to the mountains. This was the best picture I could get. Can we say grouchy pants!
I tried again at dinner but he quickly let me know that this was boring him :) Also if someone reading this knows how to put on eye makeup please come teach me. Apparently, dark shadow is not very flattering as it looks like I have not slept in years.
We have so many fun family memories here. Nana and pop-pop would usually meet us here as there is a golf course nearby and they LOVED to golf. My pop-pop would always try and get us to play with him but my brother and I were never that interested. My pop-pop passed away last summer and I so wish he could have been there this past weekend because he would now finally have a golfing buddy since my husband also loves to play. I am not sure what was going on in the below picture but Dave really knows how to make us laugh. I am glad he caught this on camera as it might be one of my favorite pictures of the family.
On Sunday we made the trip down the mountain for Patrick's graduation ceremony. My brother is somewhere in the sea of people in the front.
They ended the ceremony with singing the "the good old song". My dad went to UVA for undergraduate and medical school so of course he knew all the words :) Will does not seem to impressed. This may have something to do with the fact that he is a little partial to the JMU fight song :)
We ended the day with lunch and pictures by the lake at Boar's Head Inn.  It was a fun weekend and we are so proud of you Patrick. Welcome to the real world!

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