multipurpose tablecloths

A few months ago I decided it was time to get new curtains for the basement. I had been using a set that I had from our last apartment and they were really to dark for the basement which already gets limited light. I had picked out a fabric online and was saving for it when I spotted a tablecloth at Target for less then $15.00. It was almost identical to the fabric I wanted but I would be getting 2.5 yards for the price of 1 yard at the fabric store. I quickly bought 2 tablecloths and had Dave hang them for me.

The other great thing was that they were already hemmed on all 4 sides so I did not have to bother with sewing them like I would have had to of done had I just gotten a few yards of fabric. I did use the money I would have spent on drapes and got a few yards of the below fabric to make pillows for the basement. 

Then the other day I popped in Homegoods to kill some time and spotted another great tablecloth made from indoor/outdoor fabric.
I called my sister in law to see if she wanted me to get it because I knew they would make the perfect outdoor pillows for her dining room set. She had wanted to buy orange seat cushions for her outdoor furniture but replacing all 6 chair cushions even at Homegoods can get expensive. When I spotted this tablecloth I knew they would add that pop of color she wanted. I took a few photos of one of the pillows before bringing them to her :)

Next time you are in a home store don't overlook the tablecloths! They are not just used by your grandmothers anymore :)


  1. Megen! Do you know if they have more of those orange tablecloths? I want orange curtains for our dining room and those are perfect! Do you think they'd make good curtains??

  2. I totally did the curtain/tablecloth thing a couple weeks ago and thought I was SO smart.:) So are you!!!:)

  3. Love these!! The curtains, the pillows! All of it looks GREAT. I love your blog and style. Always have :)

  4. lauren - the orange pattern is indoor/outdoor fabric so I do not think it is going to hang as well as upholstery fabric but with that being said it never hurts to try! just make sure you measure the height you want your curtains to be before you go to the store since they have a lot of different sizes. send me a pic if you do it!


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