pretty in pink

I feel like I probably give you all way more details then you ever wanted to know when I write a post. I always give to many details when I am telling a story {so my husband/family say} so today I am taking a break from extra details, updates on my house and tons of pictures of Will to share with you all some fun pretty pink pictures of a shower I threw this past weekend for my friend Leah. I will let the photos speak for themselves :)
 I cannot wait to meet baby A!


  1. So precious! That was a super cute shower. I am kind of a new follower, and I don't think I am commented before. Will is adorable, and you are so crafty! I have a random question that I feel like you might have talked about before... picasa web space. It says I only have 1% left to use. Have you run into this problem? if so, what did you do? buy more space? Just curious. Thanks! Erica :)

  2. Lovely shower, you have such beautiful tastes.

  3. erica - i am so sorry but that was not me. i wish i could help! i do feel like i have seen a post on that before though on one of the blogs i read so i will do some research and if i find anything i will let you know :) good luck!


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