hints of fall

You know it is fall in my house when a few regulars come out of hiding... 

Turkey platter {maybe an antique... found at the Big Flea} and a scented candle sitting next to a bowl filled with pine cones.
Turkey plates replace our everyday dinnerware for a few months {His Majesty by Johnson Brothers}.
Vintage Plates that if I ever host Thanksgiving dinner I would use but for now they look pretty next to my Ironstone {Harvest Time by Johnson Brothers and these are antiques and cannot go in the dishwasher which is why they just look pretty on the shelves :)}
 Yellow mums sit outside my kitchen door. I usually go for orange or red but this fun pop of color was to hard to resist.
 Gourds and mini pumpkins from the farm stand.

...and a few new fall items have joined our home this week
 New pleated burlap and green wreath I made for above the sink.
 {Green "flowers" are just stripes of pleated fabric I twisted to look like a flower}
 Homemade cinnamon applesauce for Will.
And apple cinnamon bread for the adults :)

I just cannot get enough of this season!


  1. Oh my goodness, Megen! I love that burlap wreath! Could I buy one from you?!

  2. of course lauren :) let me know if you want a diff color flower or if you want one with flowers at all. i would not be offended :) also what size wreath?


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