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Sorry I was MIA last week. I was working my hiney off {unfortunately not literally} getting ready for a baby shower I gave for my friend Leah this weekend. My mom was so generous and came up to watch my Will while I got all the last minute details together. Before I forget though I wanted to share some pictures from last weekend.

The three of us took a little day trip to Harrisonburg for homecoming and it was so much fun seeing our college friends. I loved going to JMU and sometimes I still wish I was still there {but with Will and married to Dave of course}. I made the best friendships that I still cherish so much even 5 years after graduating. Each year a few of Dave and my friends get together for homecoming and in the past 5 years we have only made it to 2 which makes me so sad. Last year I was sick {thanks will ;)} and the year before Dave and I were both sick {thanks flu} and the first year we were married we were in Italy {thanks mom and dad} so this year while we were planning on going I was not going to get excited until we were on the road there. Will almost put a hiccup in the plans when he came down with hives on Thursday but thankfully they started to get a little better by Saturday so we decided to go with the thought that fresh air does the body good.

Here are a few pictures from our weekend with friends.
  I love this next one. I guess we all thought something was really fun... or at least I did :)
These two are only a month apart and it was so sweet to see them interact. I think Britt was telling Will something really funny about what not to do....
 and next she thought it was a little cold and wanted to zip Will's jacket up more... isn't she thoughtful...
and Will just really wanted to stick his fingers in her mouth... oh boys!
Will must have been really keeping a close eye on Britt and watching/learning all of her crawling moves because ever since we got home he has been on the go. Lets just say my days of getting tons of stuff done are over! Will be back this week with pictures from the baby shower! I love getting an excuse to use a little pink in my house :)

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