Anyone still here...

Hello faithful followers! Bet you never thought you would see this name pop up again on your blog roll :) I promise we are all alive and well and the lack of posts have not been because we aren't busy or doing more house projects because we have! Our computer died in January and my husband keeps wanting to wait until the new apple desktop comes out to upgrade... well that was suppose to be last March... doesn't apple know I blog and need a computer ;) 
I am currently blogging on my phone so there won't be any fun pictures in this post but I have become addicted to intagram so feel free to follow me @ourlifewithmiley
I promise it is worth checking out! You will be able to get a glimpse at why I have been so busy. How is that for a teaser! Hope to be back soon! Thank you for hanging in there with me! 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Megen! So glad you are back. Hope you are doing well. I also live in nova and it was nice to see a blogger in the area with similar interests. Happy holidays!



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